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AmigaNet is a IRC network started in July 1997. I know you have a lot of questions and ideas about this, but please read the FAQ before you make any assumptions.

The current list of servers are: (USA)     (Norway)     (USA)      (UK)

(they're all using port 6667)

Mailing list

There is now a mailing list where users on Anet may join to offer suggestions, discuss rules for the net, etc. To subscribe to this list, send a mail to:

   Majordomo <AT> Amiganet <dot> Org

with "subscribe anet-users" in the body.

AmigaNet User database

Check out our new feature on these pages, a user database for AmigaNet!  Check out the homepages, email addresses etc. of users, and register yourself!

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 This page is maintained by Zap (Webmaster <AT> amiganet <dot> org).
 Mail to the administrators on AmigaNet can be sent to: IRCAdmin <AT> amiganet <dot> org.